Here comes the bride, all dressed in… whatever color she wants.

Traditional wedding attire across different cultures has existed for all of history, but did you know the white wedding gown as we know it was not a norm until 1840 when Queen Victoria tied the knot? Before this, it was customary for brides to wear the best gown they owned, which many times was the most ornate or colorful frock they owned, to say “I do.”

Here at Anomalie, we’re seeing the resurgence of the colorful wedding dress trend of time past, and we’re not mad at it! Whatever the reason may be for choosing an alternative hue— whether to go against the traditions and norms or simply because you look GREAT in blue — take some inspiration from some our fave colorful Anomalie dresses!

Tans & Nudes

  • Tans & Nudes 1
  • Tans & Nudes 2
  • Tans & Nudes 3
  • Tans & Nudes 4
  • Tans & Nudes 5
  • Tans & Nudes 6

Tans and nudes are a great way to incorporate color into your gown without straying too far away from the traditional bridal palette. Many choose to add white lace on top and the color contrast makes it pop!

Pretty in Pink

  • Pretty in Pink 1
  • Pretty in Pink 2
  • Pretty in Pink 3
  • Pretty in Pink 4
  • Pretty in Pink 5
  • Pretty in Pink 6
  • Pretty in Pink 7
  • Pretty in Pink 8
  • Pretty in Pink 9
  • Pretty in Pink 10

The color pink evokes feelings of tenderness and romance, so it’s not a surprise that many brides choose to wear it on their wedding day! From “Blushing Bride” to “Vintage Rose,” we have multiple pink & blush options to suit your style — just chat with your Stylist!

Something Blue

  • Something Blue 1
  • Something Blue 2
  • Something Blue 3
  • Something Blue 4
  • Something Blue 5
  • Something Blue 6
  • Something Blue 7

Live out your Cinderella dreams with our “Blue Belle” fabric option! This is also great way to check off both “something new” AND “something blue” for you day.

Lilac & Orchid

  • Lilac & Orchid 1
  • Lilac & Orchid 2
  • Lilac & Orchid 3
  • Lilac & Orchid 4
  • Lilac & Orchid 5
  • Lilac & Orchid 6
  • Lilac & Orchid 7

The color purple has been historically associated with royalty, and on your wedding day, you should be treated as such! Opt for our “Lilac” fabric stack up if you’re wanting a softer, pastel purple. If you want a dustier option, opt for “Orchid!”

Colorful Spring Blooms

  • Colorful Spring Blooms 1
  • Colorful Spring Blooms 2
  • Colorful Spring Blooms 3
  • Colorful Spring Blooms 4
  • Colorful Spring Blooms 5

Pair this multi-color lace with a white dress for just a hint of color, or place it on top of another colored fabric for a full-on garden party on your dress!

Black is Back

  • Black is Back 1
  • Black is Back 2
  • Black is Back 3
  • Black is Back 4
  • Black is Back 5
  • Black is Back 6
  • Black is Back 7
  • Black is Back 8

Black is a popular choice for many of our October brides, but you don’t need to have a Halloween themed wedding to rock a black wedding dress! Many brides opt for black as it brings a moody, yet chic feel.

Loving these colorful gowns? Not sure which to choose? When you pay your refundable deposit of $49, your Stylist will send you fabric swatches in the mail for you to choose from! You’ll also receive access to our online dress builder tool, receive multiple sketches, and more! Get started at today!