I founded Anomalie because I couldn’t find a wedding dress that fit my style, body, or budget. I used my factory connections to find an incredible supply chain and started Anomalie to deliver stunning and affordable custom wedding dresses.

By speaking to thousands of brides since then, I’ve learned that almost everyone feels left out of the boutique experience. The experience makes you feel as if you are either too tall, short, thin, big, your budget is too low, your wedding is too soon. Most importantly, while brides often see parts of dresses they like in the boutiques, they often can’t find the one.

At Anomalie, we don’t put brides in a one-size-fits-all box. By partnering with the best factories in the world and working directly with brides, we are able to offer more transparency, customization, and value than any other wedding dress company.

To the many brides we have been lucky enough to work with, your stories and partnerships have inspired us. To those of you who are still looking for a dress and feel left out of the boutique experience, check out our Anomalie Collection.

Inspired by the incredible diversity of brides we have worked with, we launched Unboxed, an online magazine, where we will share the empowering stories of our Anomalie brides, the vendors that make the magic happen, the businesses that are disrupting the industry, and the moments beyond unboxing an Anomalie custom wedding dress.

Email me any time at leslie.voorhees@dressanomalie.com.

Leslie Voorhees, CEO