If you’ve ever considered a reception dress, but don’t want to completely change into a second dress, then we have the most amazing creative solution for you. Wedding dress overskirts are designed to be removed so you can transform your look and be able to dance and move freely! Keep the top look of your dress and remove the dramatic overlay in favor of a shorter, different, or more comfortable gown. It’s like getting two dresses in one! Many celebrities, including Katherine Schwarzenegger, have worn overskirts for their wedding dresses!  We’ve compiled this complete guide to overskirts to design your own wedding dress and answered commonly-asked questions about overskirts.   Here’s how Anomalie can help you design a custom wedding dress with a removable overskirt!

Not sure where to get started? Let our gorgeous brides give you endless wedding dress overskirt inspiration:

1. Tea Length Wedding Dress with Detachable Taffeta Skirt

Anomalie Bride Christine’s tea length wedding dress featured a taffeta skirt embellished at the waist with a captivating beaded belt:

Removable wedding skirt

Blazej Sendzielski / © ein photography and design.inc

2. Sheath Wedding Dress with Organza Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Samantha’s organza overskirt let the details of her glitter sheath wedding gown shine through her slightly transparent skirt: Wedding dress with cutouts and removable overskirt

3. Blush Sheath Wedding Dress with A-Line Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Reny loved her blush sheath wedding gown with an A-line overskirt so much she didn’t take it off for nearly the entire night:

Custom lace wedding gown with blush overskirt

Photo: Feather and North

4. Beaded Lace Wedding Dress with Matching Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Maria chose to replicate her stunning beaded lace on her gown with her overskirt:

5. Wedding Dress with Tulle and Floral Brocade Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Elena had a unique guipure lace bodice and tulle skirt with a floral brocade skirt. Check out the beautiful contrast with the lace when the overskirt was worn:

High neck wedding dress with lace overskirt by Anomalie

Photo: Adri Mendez Photography

6. Fitted Sheath Wedding Dress with Open Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Melody’s overskirt was open in the front, letting her have the best of both worlds with a fitted sheath and flowy skirt surrounding:

Overskirt open in front, anomalie custom wedding dress review

Photo: @Mizderi

7. Short Wedding Dress with a Tiered Overskirt

Anomalie Bride Jessica had an amazing design with a short wedding dress with an overskirt that is both dramatic and tiered: Sketch of two-in-one dress that transforms into a ball gown Custom wedding dress with dramatic overskirt and removable train

Looking for answers to your overskirt questions? Read a guide from our stylists:

What kind of overskirt should I go for? 

You can go from a classic look for the ceremony to a cool, edgier look for after the ceremony! Most wedding dresses with an overskirt are designed as a sheath or fit and flare gown so the removable portion can fit nicely over the dress. But with Anomalie, you can go in nearly any direction you please. Mix it up with a short tea length wedding dress underneath. Go for a traditional overskirt look with an A-line or flip the script and do an open front skirt. 

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Can I add a detachable train to my wedding dress? 

Looking for some extra drama and glam with an extra long cathedral train on your wedding dress? Fortunately, most overskirt train lengths are chapel or cathedral, which is a great way to add a wow factor. You can get reception ready in a flash by adding a removable wedding dress train. For a complete guide on choosing the right train length, check out our blog on wedding dress trains.  Etsy and Amazon have a small selection of detachable wedding dress trains for added drama to your wedding dress. Other sites such as Cocomelody and Karen Willis Holmes also have a selection of detachable wedding dress trains you can add to your dream gown.  With Anomalie, you can customize a wedding dress with a detachable wedding dress overskirt with a train. Tell your stylist you want to incorporate and add a detachable train as part of your dress. Let the overskirt add drama with a longer train and then have a hassle-free sweep train on your wedding dress so it doesn’t require a bustle.

Blush lace wedding Gown

Photography: Feather and North

What embellishments and details should I add to my wedding dress’s overskirt? 

Whether you want to keep the look of the dress structure by replicating the lace on the wedding dress onto the full overskirt, or change up the lace design, we can absolutely work with you to craft a unique custom wedding dress that you’ll be absolutely obsessed with! The removable lace overlay skirt will create a cohesive bridal look. 

Bride wearing a tulle dress

When should I remove the overskirt from my wedding dress?

Many brides opt to wear the full overskirt through the ceremony and first dance, then sneak away to remove the skirt for all the festivities after. But, the removal is up to you! You might decide that you love the overskirt so much that you keep it on all night until your exit! Or, you might do a quick change before your reception entrance to really surprise your guests! Another fun idea? Keep the shorter dress for your first anniversary dinner date. What a fun way to surprise your spouse when you emerge wearing (part of) your wedding dress! Who says you can’t wear your wedding dress twice?

Will detachable overskirts be popular in 2022?

Yes! The detachable skirt overlay on wedding dresses has had growing popularity due to the ease of changing wedding looks. While a larger, more voluminous skirt is seen as a more traditional bridal look, many brides aren’t satisfied with just the one dress. The wedding dress skirt attachment provides both drama and elegance to a wedding dress that can easily look more casual after the ceremony. Whether you wish to wear a detachable overskirt with many layers and lots of detail or a simpler skirt, the overskirt provides much variation. Because of this, celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale have worn removable overskirts with wedding dresses. 

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Can I wear a mermaid wedding dress with a detachable skirt? 

Yes! Mermaid wedding dresses with detachable skirts are a common trend. The convertible wedding dress skirt attachment is often open and is made of either tulle, lace, or satin. The skirt is often open to reveal the fitted look beneath. In order to create a cohesive wedding dress look, a bride should ensure that the bodice’s lace and beading matches the skirt. The bridal overskirt is perfect for the ceremony while the more voluptuous mermaid wedding dress suits a fun reception evening. 

Can I wear a detachable cape with my wedding dress? 

For the bold and fashion-forward bride looking for something even edgier, detachable capes are an option with your wedding dress. Celebrities such as Solange have worn this striking detachable cape look for their bridal ceremonies. Worn over the wedding dress, bridal capes can be floor-length or cropped. Like detachable skirts, you can purchase a detachable cape on Etsy We love this bride’s lightweight tulle cape: 

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Can I wear detachable sleeves with a two in one wedding dress? 

Long sleeves are perfect for a cooler climate as well as for the more modest bride. Whether you wish to don off-the-shoulder sleeves or elegant long sleeves with lace applique, long sleeves can elevate how bridal your dress appears. Even better, if you aren’t willing to fully commit to long sleeves on your wedding dress, you can also opt for detachable wedding dress sleeves.  Most boutiques at which you purchase your wedding dress offer an addition of long sleeves. For more cost-effective options, you can find various long sleeves at Etsy. If you want to include both a detachable overskirt with a train and detachable sleeves at once, you can purchase a wedding dress with Anomalie, a custom wedding dress retailer. 

What silhouette is most popular for a convertible wedding dress with detachable skirts? 

The overlay skirt is usually used for a fit-and-flare or sheath wedding dress so that the skirt can be more easily attached. These are popular silhouettes that completely transform the look for a two in long bridal look. For a more casual reception or after-ceremony ensemble, another silhouette that is often used is a short wedding dress with a detachable skirt. Often, brides choose a voluminous ball gown skirt to be detached from their wedding dress.  Check out bride Susan’s convertible wedding dress look: 

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Still need more inspiration on which wedding dress silhouette to choose? Check out our wedding dress silhouette guide

What fabrics are detachable overskirts typically made of?

Detachable overskirt overlay wedding dresses are typically made of lighter materials, such as silk or tulle. So as to add more volume and drama, the overskirt fabrics are lighter weight. If you’re hoping to design a custom convertible wedding dress, at Anomalie, prices for overskirts begin at $650 for structured silk, and $350 for all other overskirt styles. Check out the different fabrics and laces in our respective libraries. Because lace wedding dresses are quite popular and trending among brides who wish to wear a removable lace wedding dress skirt overlay, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite lace wedding dresses here

Where do I purchase an overskirt for my wedding dress? 

Most wedding dress boutiques offer detachable overskirts for the bride who can’t pick a single look. For example, Kleinfeld offers this sparkle overskirt for $2,200. Designers such as Galia Lahav, Anne Barge, and Amsale create overskirts for wedding dresses, though their wedding gowns often start at $2,000 and can reach $10,000.  If you are looking for a cheaper option, Etsy sells a selection of detachable overskirts, though there are not many options for colored or black overskirts. Other discounted options include BHLDN and David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal also has some plus size wedding dresses with detachable skirts. Whether you’re concerned about fit or price, our complete guide to wedding dress retailers discusses and compares these boutiques.  Besides these off-the-rack options, at Anomalie, many of our brides have created a custom dress with a detachable overskirt. These dresses include all of the brides’ required design elements and can solve issues of fit for plus size brides. In addition, tall or petite brides who have issues with fit may find Anomalie to be a good choice when including all of their desired wedding design elements, such as an overskirt. 

Can I create a convertible wedding dress with an overskirt online? 

If you are unable to find the perfect overskirt or perfect wedding dress, you can design your own custom wedding dress with Anomalie. Whether you can’t find all of your perfect design elements or can’t find the right fit, creating a custom wedding dress design with the help of an expert stylist’s help. Anomalie, a custom wedding dress online retailer, has helped thousands of brides across the United States and Canada. 

Why should I trust an online wedding company? 

When Anomalie’s founder Leslie Voorhees couldn’t find her dream dress (a Ball Gown with long illusion lace sleeves) in stores, she went directly to the manufacturer to create her dream wedding dress. After creating her own dress, many of her friends and brides-to-bes wished to create their own custom wedding dresses. Thus, Anomalie, a company with the bride in mind, was born. By personally vetting factories, Leslie was able to bring the highest quality materials to brides across the United States and Canada. Watch the video below for more on the Anomalie story and process.  

How do I know my wedding dress from Anomalie will fit? 

Anomalie’s FitKit is a guaranteed process that has won numerous accolades and is more accurate than a tailor! Having worked with thousands of brides, Anomalie’s process is simple and assured. Brides enter general size information online before receiving one or two fitting shells based on these initial measurements. These are not samples of your dream wedding dress. After taking pictures in the fitting shells, the Anomalie stylist team reviews the pictures and fit notes to achieve the best fit of your dress. 

Ready to create your two in one wedding dress? Get started with free fabric samples and a custom sketch here.

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