The #1 rule for Design Appointments is that there are no set rules for Design Appointments! Our stylist team’s guiding goal for these calls is to add value for you in finding the perfect dress no matter where you are in the search.

If you are at the beginning of the dress search, our stylists can make recommendations on the best style for your body type and style, and show you how to use Anomalie’s website to continue discovering your perfect dress.

If you know exactly what you want, your stylist can add all of your important details to the design and finalize the price quote. Our goal before payment is for you to visualize what your dream dress will look like on you, and the Design Appointment is an important part of this.

Design Appointments are held via Zoom (your call whether you want video on or off) and friends/family are welcome to join. We schedule them for about 30 minutes, but many appointments are shorter.

The best way to prepare for the Design Appointment? Use our online tools! Your stylist can give expert guidance if you are stuck between several different styles, answer any questions about using the tools, and work on the call to refine the design to your vision.

Below is an in-depth overview of these tools and how they work.

Your Design Shop: Browsing and Product Pages

Our browse functionality is to determine the base design of your wedding dress. Don’t worry about getting every detail perfectly accurate – you can edit the design later and your stylist has a checklist to confirm every detail before your dress goes into production (which includes big items like lace placement and subtle details like scalloped necklines or lace around the sleeve). The purpose of the browsing functionality is to determine the general vibe and key elements of your dream dress.

Click “See Details”on any sketch brings you to move information about that dress and shows Anomalie gowns we’ve produces with similar details.

Your Lookbook: Saving Your Inspiration

As you are browsing, tap the heart in the upper right corner to save that design in your lookbook. You can also upload inspiration photos from other sources if you have them – your stylist can use this inspiration to incorporate into your final sketch.

Your Dashboard: Refining + Visualizing Your Dress

Have a base design you want to refine further? There are two ways to get to your Dashboard to start making the dress perfect for you:

From your Lookbook, click “Feature this Dress”

From a summary page, click “Customize this Dress”

Once on your Dashboard, you can start editing your dress – like refining your neckline:

Your stylist is an expert at using this tool, and can refine your design on the call to get closer to your vision.

What Else is Usually Covered on the Design Consultation?

Your stylist will also give an overview of our process and addresses any questions or concerns the bride has about the Anomalie process. Some of the most popular questions include:

• Is Anomalie legit / Why should I trust Anomalie?

• How can I be sure the dress is perfect without trying it on?

• How does Anomalie guarantee fit?

• When is the right time to get started with Anomalie?

• How does Anomalie choose the right fabric and lace for my dress?

• What happens if I don’t like my dress? What is your return policy?

We can’t wait for your Design Appointment!