“How do I know an online dress will fit me?”


This is the number one question we receive from brides and for good reason! An online process can feel a bit nerve-wracking for a garment as important as your wedding dress!


Since Anomalie has worked with thousands of brides in every U.S. state and Canadian province, we have compiled one of the best data-sets of bridal measurements. Over the past year, our team of pattern-makers and engineers have been working to answer one simple question:


How can we use our expertise and measurement data to produce more accurate measurements from home than a bride could receive from an off-the-shelf dress?


This work has led to the Anomalie FitKit with a home try-on process and FitCommit Guarantee.



Why Anomalie’s FitKit Creates Better Fitting Wedding Dresses than Boutiques


The home try-on process with the FitKit is simple:


  • We will send you 1-2 fitting shells based on your initial measurements (*This is not a sample of your wedding dress). These patterns were developed from analyzing hundreds of thousands of measurement sets of our previous brides.
  • We’ll ask you to try on the fitting shell and take photos.
  • Our team will review the photos in addition to your provided measurements & fit notes to help achieve the best fit of your dress.





Because each dress corresponds to an Anomalie pattern with over 30 points of measurement, our workrooms are able to interpret these photos and use the gathered data, in addition to our brides measurements, to provide clarity and accuracy to ensure the closest fit for any body!


Read More Detail about the Anomalie FitKit’s Process Here.



The FitCommit Guarantee


With the FitCommit Guarantee, we pledge no bride will pay more than $499 in alterations to address fit issues. If alterations exceed $499, we vow to cover the difference in cost.


The $499 maximum of the FitCommit Guarantee is significantly lower than the flat rate of the leading bridal retailer and represents the lowest-price alterations guarantee in the wedding dress industry. We hear from brides every day how unexpected alteration costs are, making it difficult to budget. Many are surprised at how much alterations add to their final wedding dress bill. The average flat-price alterations package at the largest single U.S. bridal boutique is $1,395. Other leading stores tell brides to budget over $1,000.


Our FitCommit Guarantee is not a promise of perfection. The wedding dress is an emotional item where great fit is paramount and every wedding dress retailer in the country communicates that brides should anticipate alterations. The FitCommit represents our commitment to provide a great fit for you out-of-the-box and promises that we will cover costs over $499 and provide solutions-oriented service if fit alterations are needed.


Our effort to revolutionize fit will be never-ending. Anomalie’s FitCommit is another step we’re taking to give brides full transparency into their maximum potential costs and demonstrate our dedication to perfecting fit.