Try-on in store, then Buy Online

Although we consider Anomalie the best way to buy your wedding dress online, that doesn’t mean that we discourage visiting bridal boutiques. For many brides, bridal boutiques are a great way to buy your gown (read more about that here). Even if you don’t find what you love in store, trying on wedding dresses in person can be an important step for knowing what looks good on your body and gathering information about lace, silhouette, internal construction like corset types, and train length. Wedding dresses are not like other gowns, and understanding what they look like both on and off the rack can make purchasing your gown online much less stressful. 

Fit & Sizing 

The #1 concern we hear from our brides about buying a gown online is fit. It’s no wonder- bridal sizing is confusing and few brides can simply guess by cross-referencing a size chart. At Anomalie we built a sizing tool for our dresses- using real standard sizes (not bridal!) generated from your actual measurements- so there is no more guesswork. This modular sizing allows you to buy a dress in the right size and length, so you don’t have to worry about extreme alterations. 

We send our fitting shells based on your measurements to find your perfect fit. This gives our pattern makers a deeper understanding of how to craft the seam lines of your dress to your body. 


Technology is not just benefitting the wedding dress shopping experience. New, high-tech fabrics and weaves are proliferating bridal ateliers. These newer fabrics have the beauty and quality of silk but the durability and consistency of poly fabrics. A great example of this is poly organza- silk organza is an extremely delicate fabric that tears easily. A high quality poly organza mirrors the sheer, delicate structure of silk but won’t snag on your engagement ring!

High-Resolution and Inclusive photography 

2020 has been a tough year but there are ways to count our blessings. One major shift in the wedding gown and fashion industry is to provide multiple models for each dress design, giving brides to see how wedding dresses designs look on a variety of body types and ethnicities. We love the way BHLDN incorporates plus-size brides everywhere in their site, not just hidden under the “plus size” category.